Wednesday, January 16, 2008

still sticking with the plan

Another good day as far as exercise goes. I made it through everything and have started doing the resistance band assisted pullups since right now there is no way I can do 15 by myself.

What's annoying me however is the diet I just don't feel like I am losing at all yet. I went on a website that says that I should be consuming 2300 calries a day to lose weight. To me that seems like alot. I know you don't want your body to think you are starving but if I eat some spinach and grilled chicken every couple of hours won't my body think I am getting plenty to eat? You would think so!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Interval training today

Today was a good day. My workout consisted of the usual warmup and cool down but today instead of running I jumped rope for 1 minute then pounded the heavy bag for 2 minutes. It felt really good a broke a sweat and got my heart rate up nicely.

I can tell I need more weight in the heavy bag though because it was flying all over.

Nutrionally I am happy I have been eating smaller meals and staying at my minimum calories required to lose weight. I am using the website fitday to track my meals and calories.

Fitday was recommended to me by one of the fine members of "six pack attack" a forum for people like me trying to better their lives.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Officially Day 1

I am counting today as my actual 1st day of my new exercise program since I started last Thursday. It is just to soon for me to jump to the week 2 workout.

I am may have made a mistake today. I want to see what improvemnet I make along the way so today I saw how many pushups and situps I could do in a minute and how many continuous pullups I can do.

continuous pullups-6

Well, I did this all before my official workout and I have to tell you I was shot!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

So far so good....

This will be a recap of the last couple of days.

I was pretty proud of myself yesterday. It was Friday and a "date" night for my wife and I. I actually told her she would have to wait because I had to do the week 1 workout. Before I would have just skipped the workout and gone out.

As for the workout. I did not think it would be as hard as it was to get through, but, I made it all 3 sets. My body was not wanting to do exactly what I was telling it to do but I forced my way through. I am feeling it today..but you know it's good to know that I still have muscles to even get sore.

It is Saturday today and I just finished my interval training. I had to stay in the house because I am watching my daughter. After some thinking I pulled out the Bosu ball and my heavyduty bodylastics bands(theTerrel Owens version they just came out with).

For the warm up I jogged in place On the Bosu. For the hi intensity I anchored 2 30lb bands to the door. then backpedaled and back forward as fast as I could all the while keeping my arms tensed with the bands. After the minute was up I jumped from the floor to the Bosu for 2 minutes. For the cooldown I jogged in place on the bosu for 5 more minutes. My heart rate got up to around 145 doing this so I was happy with the effectiveness of the workout.(the sweat was really dripping.

Now it is time to relax and watch some American football! Go Packers!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What I look like now...

Yikes! It's about time I do something about my body. I know there is an athlete hidden inside all that padding.

I wonder if I should trim my body hair?

Finally getting off my butt!

Today is the first day of what will hopefully be many days to come of my 16 week journey to be a better me.

Since it's Thursday I started with interval training. You know, it looks easy on paper but when you do it it really makes you gasp for air. It almost feels like I did a full body workout. Basically you run hard for a minute then take it slower for 2 this is called a round add a 5 minute warmup in the beginning and a 5 minute cooldown at the end... I did 3 rounds.